Wake Up And Smell Reality

Once upon a time there was a princess and a prince and they fell in love and got married… happily ever after? Not so much.

I promised I would be completely transparent when it came to the funny situations we come across in life, so here it is..

Who set the high expectations for what a marriage should be? Like, who said a wife should wake up and cook her man breakfast? Who said the hubby had to be home for dinner every night?

Jordan and I have been married for about a total of 14 days and let me tell you, it has been far from a fairy tale. In fact, I think both of our expectations of marriage have fallen short. I don’t wake up early and cook Jordan breakfast, and I think we’ve had ONE dinner together since we’ve said “I do.” I’m pretty sure we even had our biggest fight ever just 7 days into our marriage.

Why do we expect different things to come of a relationship just because the titles “Husband” and “Wife” are now included?

Something I have learned is, I fell in love with Jordan. For who he is, and I’ll stay in love with him as he becomes the man he’s supposed to be. I didn’t fall in love with this “idea” of who Jordan would be as soon as we got married. I don’t love him because I expect him to leave work on time and give me attention the second he gets home, I love him because he’s a driven millennial (a rare creature). He doesn’t love me because I fold his laundry, cook him meals and clean up after him, he loves me because I have a servants heart and I’m a “go getter.”

I challenge you to wake up and smell reality. Especially those who are already married, or are soon to be married. Don’t expect the person you fell in love with to magically meet all your “fairy tale expectations.” Instead, remind yourself of how lucky you are to be able to love someone as amazing as your significant other. Even if they’re super stubborn (@jordan). Keep reminding yourself of why you fell in love with that person in the first place, and maybe throw in an extra “I love you” every now and then to remind them that you still care.

Marriage isn’t easy, and nobody should tell you that it is. Marriage is sacred. Marriage is going through the super hard parts in life with someone who will back you up and hold you up. And THAT is what you should expect out of a marriage; knowing that your best friend will always have your back when things get tough and that you will always have someone who loves you for who YOU are.
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