Football Fall

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Well, ladies, it’s that time again!

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, don’t even bother trying to have a conversation with your hubby! It’s Football Season!

This is my very first football season as a married woman (ooo la la).

Saturday, Jordan had a few guys over to the house to watch College ball and I thought, “I’ll do my job as a WIFE and make these guys some food!” So I flipped on the griddle, plopped some chicken on that bad boy and made the best fajitas I could ever make. They LOVED them! It was a super proud moment for me. “Look at me, catering to my man’s needs.” HA!

It’s so funny to hear other women talk about their experiences during football season, though.

“Fall is when we argue the most because I can’t get my husband off the couch and away from the TV.”
“I can’t seem to get my husband’s undivided attention.”
“He can help me fold clothes while he’s watching the games.”
“I’m not his servant, he shouldn’t ask me to continue doing stuff for him all day on Sundays.”
“I hate football because that means my husband thinks it’s okay to go to bars the entire weekend.”

Have you said something like this before?

Ladies, football is football. We’re never going to get their undivided attention when the game is on, unless of course, it’s a shut out.
So instead of getting upset about it, try to join in on the fun!

I started playing Fantasy Football 3 years ago, it’s actually a lot of fun. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun to be competitive and it gives Jordan and I something to talk about that HE enjoys.
If you don’t want to play Fantasy, or it’s too late to join a league, do something fun like cook for your man and his friends, OR, at halftime, ask if he wants to throw the football in the front yard.

Don’t expect a “Thank You” and don’t expect him to want to snuggle up next to you on the couch during the game. If you get these expectations out of your head, I PROMISE you’re “Football Fall” will be much less of a fall and more of an uplifting experience for your relationship!

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